Custom Oil Painting on Aluminum Panel

Give the Best Gift You've Ever Given, A Custom Oil Painting on Aluminum Panel.

Think of the best gift you've ever received. Or the best gift you've ever given. Chances are, these gifts were not the most expensive or trendiest. Their value is in what they meant and still mean years later.

As the father of two daughters I know the importance of providing a good environment. Studies have shown that the environment a person grows up in influences mood and general happiness. One of my goals in life is to create a home life where my children feel welcome and inspired. For example, I recently purchased a $5,000 Allosaurus Skull to display in my house. My thoughts are this, I've met plenty of people who could have done better, succeeded in life instead of living in misery, with just some simple lessons that their parents could have taught, or better yet, their parents could have inspired them in their youth. The drive to learn was something implanted in me and my brother, by my parents. My brother is going to medical school, which is quite literally every parent's dream. I recall all the things my NASA grandfather used to do with us, dissecting frogs as a 7-year-old, visiting museums, and most of all, encouraging our love of Paleontology. It was at a young age that my interest in learning was ingrained in my head, and later in life, I was able to use this love of learning to learn new skills. This is not the case for many Americans, and it is one of my biggest fears that my children will grow up one day and not be satisfied with their lives.

Satisfaction is not about things, satisfaction is a state of mind, it's peace at home. So I consider the $5000 Allosaurus skull a long term investment in my children's curiosity, hopefully, the mere presence of the skeleton inspires learning throughout their lives. It's these small interactions throughout our lives that help shape who we are. Also, think of all the money I'd save if my daughters grew up to be independent successful women.

You can think of art as a long term monetary investment as well, there are countless stories about middle-class couples buying art and it going up extraordinary amounts throughout their lifetimes. I'm not saying that my art will end up this way, no one can know that for sure. I am saying that quality art can be worth its weight in gold. I do know one thing for sure, massed produced art will never go up in value, and if it does, it won't go up as much as an Original Painting.

Art can be considered a long term investment but I also think its a risky one. I like to think of collecting art like stock investing, and Bank of America does as well. There is Blue Chip art, art made by the big names like Picasso. Mid-cap Art, art made by the names who belong in museums and collections but you might have to look them up. And finally, small-cap art. This is the art that you buy before the artist is even known, and many times the most lucrative, it is hard to believe but even Keith Haring could have been found in a coffee shop at one point in his career.

There are many reasons to buy art, and there are tons of artists out there. I recommend taking the time to do some research and find an artist that you love.

Give your loved ones one of those gifts that will last a lifetime with a fully archival custom oil painting on Aluminum Panels. Aluminum panels are an exciting innovation in painting, it never warps, decays, or rots. Believe it or not, even digital photographs decay. Paintings made on this substrate will last thousands of years, immortalizing your loved ones forever. Paintings include a certificate of authenticity and an optional personal note.

Butterflies and Hurricanes


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How long does a custom oil painting on Aluminum Panel take to complete?

Turnaround time can vary due to custom order volume; please inquire. The amount of time devoted to each painting is hand-painted so it takes quite some time, 40+ hours.

•Signed, and dated

•Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

•Free Continental U.S. Shipping

•Processing takes 1 day after completed payment, shipping takes 3-5 business days. Tracking information will be provided with each sold painting.

How do I start a commission?

  1. Request a quote
  2. Provide me with high quality 240+ pixel images with good lighting and from the exact angle that you'd like me to work from. The better the image(s), the larger the canvas, the better the final product.

Please feel free to ask any questions. Multiple payments are accepted and my prices are determined by size. (LxWx2.5)

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Request A Quote

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If you are not satisfied with your work for any reason at all, please feel free to contact me.

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