Custom Oil Paintings on Aluminum Composite Panels

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alumacomp panels

Think of the best gift you’ve ever received. Or the best gift you’ve ever given. Chances are, these gifts were not the most expensive or trendiest. Their value is in what they meant and still mean years later.

Give your loved ones one of those gifts that will last a lifetime. My oil paintings are painted on fully archival Aluminum Composite Material(ACP). ACP is an exciting innovation in painting, it never warps, decays, or rots. Believe it or not, even digital photographs decay. Paintings made on this substrate will last thousands of years, immortalizing your loved ones forever.

As the father of two daughters I know the importance of providing a good environment. Studies have shown that the environment a person grows up in influences mood and general happiness. One of my goals in life is to create a homelife where my children feel welcome and inspired. Art can double as a long term investment.

Paintings include a certificate of authenticity and an optional personal note.

A custom art piece should be unique. Custom art should not look like it was purchased from a large retailer, it should fit you and your personality. A Painting can make excellent anniversary, wedding and birthday gifts that doubles as a long term investment. Commissions include basic photoshopping and proofs for your approval.

Butterflies and Hurricanes


100% Archival Aluminum Boards - Acid Free

100% Archival Aluminum Boards – Acid Free
Great for Plein Air Painting – Painting on metal panels has been historically recorded since before the times of Rembrandt, who painted many of his great masterpieces on copper. In the last 20 years, professional artists have been moving towards working on aluminum composite panels (ACP), which feature lighter weights and stronger construction.

AlumaComp is widely used for mounting fine art, photographs, linen and canvas to create an incredibly stable painting panel, or to use on its own as a reliable, archival painting support. The brushed aluminum surface takes primer beautifully, providing texture that grips the primer for a perfect bond. The smooth aluminum surface can be used as is to take advantage of its’ beautiful finish, or custom sanded or polished for any texture necessary for your artistic applications. When used as a painting panel, the smooth side can be used as the work’s actual highlights for a modern look— either left bare as is, or sanded/buffed back to the bare metal before varnishing to take advantage of the metallic glow.

Key Features:

  • Double-sided – one brushed aluminum, one polished
  • 100% Archival Rigid and strong, yet lightweight
  • 4mm (3/16″) thick
  • Acid-Free – Archival, will not decay
  • Prime and Paint in traditional oils & acrylics
  • Use primed or unprimed
  • Accepts most fine art media, primed or painted directly
  • Perfect for use as a mounting surface for photography, linen and canvas, even image transfers
  • Will not mold, or mildew like stretched canvas or wood panels
  • Can be Framed – No backing board needed

How To Get Started

  1. Request a quote or purchase this listing.
  2. Provide me with high quality 240+ pixel images with good lighting and from the exact angle that you’d like me to work from. The better the image(s), the larger the canvas, the better the final product.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I provide a draft of your image before beginning the painting, even photoshopping multiple images together for your approval. Multiple payments are accepted and my prices are determined by size. (LxWx2.5)

Lance Rehs

Lance Rehs

Gallery Director / Rehs Contemporary

"...when I saw your work - the way you have so excellently mastered rendering origami and other objects of immense profundity - I knew I must get in touch with you. The work you are doing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 bravo sir. You are what keeps the art world moving forward, so thank you for your contribution. Keep up the great work 👍🏼"

David Moye

David Moye

Staff Writer / Huffington Post

"As unforgettable yet controversial images go, it’s hard to top the one made by artist Cedric Chambers."


Avid Art Collector

Cedric, I don't know where to start. There are no words to describe how fabulous this painting is. It is beyond amazing. As an avid art collector, I haven't seen talent like this in quite awhile. It's quickly become one of my favorites. Thank you for everything! Anyone considering one of your paintings, should buy it now. Xoxo

Tony L.

A larger than life painting with larger than life characters. Artist worked hard to complete sale. Cannot fault, will purchase again in future. Paintings look much better in person, photos do not do justice to the depth of artistry. Highly recommended

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2 - 4 Week Turnaround

Turnaround time can vary due to custom order volume; please inquire. The amount of time devoted to each painting ranges from 10 hours to 40+ hours.****

•Signed, and dated

•Includes a Certificate of Authenticity

•Free Continental U.S. Shipping

•Processing takes 1 day after completed payment, shipping takes 3-5 business days. Tracking information will be provided with each sold painting.


If you are not satisfied with your work for any reason at all, please feel free to contact me.