Politics and The Creative Act of Destruction.

Cedric Chambers
April 5, 2018
British politicians at the Epsom Derby Wellcome V0050376.jpg From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Capitalism relies on innovation to thrive, it must continually change, destroy the previous orders of things in order to function. Change is essential to capitalism. Wars create jobs through the act of destruction (military industrial complex). Technology relies on the same methods. Last year's iPhone is made obsolete by next year's model, it is replaced, or destroyed by this years iPhone. Built-in obsoletion is a concept used by successful businesses, however, it’s inherently part of the system.

It only makes sense that the complement to a fully functioning capitalist society is Democracy. Democracy relies on continual change, people are voted in or out based on the sway of public opinion, often based on factors that have nothing to do with the politician's duty, such as likeability or rumors. Politics are like a sine wave, the Right and Left take turns doing the opposite of each other. Ideology fuels the cycle of destruction, Reagan was negated by Clinton, Clinton was negated by Bush, Bush was negated by Obama, and Obama was negated by Trump. The job of the politician is simply to poop all-over whatever the previous order did, to start wars with someone, to take away rights or to give rights. Otherwise, the cycle itself ceases to function.

For example, this is a timely anecdote. Politics are the following. The conservative Right believes that illegal immigrants should be deported. The Liberal Left believes that illegal immigrants should be offered more opportunities, like citizenship and fair wages. What actually happens is neither. Hegel might call this a synthesis. The illegal immigrant is allowed to live in the United States but is not allowed fair wages or citizenship or any of the same opportunities as a citizen.

A politician does a good job only if they manage to poop all over everything. This is the ridiculousness compliment to capitalism from Democracy, in order to move capitalism forward, the whole point is to elect someone who has no idea what they’re doing and the wake of that destruction allows people to put it back together, or to replace it with something else altogether. This is the function of politics, like art. To create through the act of destruction.

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