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Politics and The Creative Act of Destruction.

Capitalism relies on innovation to thrive, it must continually change, destroy the previous orders of things in order to function. Change is essential to capitalism. Wars create jobs through the act of destruction (military industrial complex). Technology relies on the same methods. Last year’s iPhone is made obsolete by next year’s model, it is replaced, […]

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"Origami Elephant" Oil 18x24

The History of the Camera: Photo-realism and its Origins

The first handheld camera was invented in 1888 by George Eastman[1], it was called the Kodak One. Eventually, the handheld camera achieved enormous popularity in 1910 with the invention of the Brownie Camera[2]. People regularly made remarks about how you couldn’t even go outside without having your picture taken[3]. The Single Lens Reflex Camera was […]

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55 Tips for the Emerging Artist

What tips do you have for aspiring artists?   Always use spell check.   Volunteer for organizations because you care about their mission.   Remember this quote “Professionals have professional habits”.   Remember this quote too “Paint with Paint”.   Avoid politically correct people.   Never explain yourself.   If you create something that requires […]

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Surreal Self Portrait

On Rationality

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle Thought is not black and white, it’s circular. What I see in the world is a bunch of people all doing what they think is the right thing to do or the good thing to […]

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Origami Birds Oil Painting

l’bizarre pour l’bizarre – Art for Quirks Sake

Modernism arrived when Manet painted “Olympia.” He critiqued representational art and the aristocracy’s way of life. He used the very same nudes that he was critiquing to present his case.[1] Postmodernism arrived with Duchamp’s Urinal, he playfully challenged the significance of art at its core. If one were to simply put a urinal into an art gallery, […]

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Is Jurassic Park a Feminist Film?

Is Jurassic Park a Feminist Film?

First off: Jurassic Park is a wonderfully entertaining series, I’ve watched it many times. Now while most movies have a tendency to portray females in a misogynist way, that does not necessarily negate the other aspects of a film. Film is a reflection of culture, and culture is largely patriarchal. Lars Von Trier makes fantastic films, he’s even […]

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Jean-Léon Gérôme - The Snake Charmer

Orientalism: Film and Culture

Orientalism: Film and Culture. Orientalists are famous for their scholarly portrayals of the non-west. According to the Guardian, “Jean-Léon Gérôme‘s painting The Snake Charmer is a sleazy imperialist vision of the east. A group of men sit on the ground watching a nude snake charmer, draped with a slithering phallic python, in front of glittering Islamic tiles […]

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Anemos Dream: Oceanic Dream - Artist/Photographer Cedric Chambers - Model Jacqueline Albertson

He. She. It.

Objectification in Contemporary Media. I. What does it mean to be an object? What is objectification and how does it exist in art? Being an object means being perceived as an object. Being the subject means being perceived as a subject or person.[1] Objectification is breaking down the subject in terms of the subject’s relationship to the object. If […]

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