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Comicon 2015

When I was born, my dad gave me the name Cedric so I could be a playwright without having the burden of picking a pseudonym. At a young age, he used to read me short stories by Dostoevsky. My parents told me that I used to get angry during Dostoevsky-time and throw books across the room. I think this was my first rejection towards fiction. When I was in the 4th grade, unbeknownst to me, my teacher was going to fail me because she thought that I was unable to read. I remember going on a family trip to South Dakota and reading the road signs out loud as we drove by. A surprise to my parents because they also thought that I couldn’t read. When asked by my teachers why my reading grades were so bad, I replied “I don’t want to read the stupid frog books”. While Frog and Toad Together and Fox with Socks appealed to the average 4th grader, I preferred checking out informational books like How to Draw or How to Fold Origami or textbooks about insects. Even as a child I was a curious explorer. This about sums up my educational experience. I was never really committed to the education program and I discovered that many of my thoughts were different than my peers.

Things did not really change in my adult life. I remember purchasing my first ipad and using it to read/download philosophy books. What kind of nerd buys an ipad to download public domain books and read them between class periods? This same ipad was later stolen and I remember getting an email from the Apple store saying “Thank you for purchasing Angry Birds” – this about sums up humanity, an ipad is one of the most powerful and technologically advanced informational tools in existence, and people use it to play bird games.

I remember being coerced into going to a Riot Fest concert with one of my co-workers around my 25th birthday. I didn’t have my camera with me so when I lost my co-worker I found myself alone with nothing to do. It was at this point that I realized what “fun” meant. I remember being so excited that evening that when I got home I had to explain it to my brother. “Fun” is the social situation of standing around drinking with your ‘friends’ and not doing anything productive at all; or more to the point, fun is not doing anything productive at all.

What I love about reality is that you don’t have to imagine the ridiculous, often it already exists. I believe that art should be a subjective experience and that the motifs that I place within my artwork should only start the conversation. I think I paint realistically because I want to show people the world that I see through my lens.

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