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Cedric Butterflies



My name is Cedric Chambers, I was born on June 16, 1990. I am a Bolivian-American Oil painter who graduated from Metro State University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts in 2016. I’m a member of NEXT gallery, The Portrait Society of America, and the Oil Painters of America National Art Guild. Every year I donate artwork to support non-profits such as Project Worthmore and the Colorado Greyhound Rescue. I live and work in Denver Colorado. I also own a retired race dog named Coco.

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Artist Statement:

Asking me why I paint is like asking a bird why it sings. Is it a form of communication? Out of Joy? For love? I’m not sure why I do what I do. I think I paint because I have too. Carl Jung once said that rituals emerged as a way to feel a sense of control over one’s destiny, to provide one with a sense of purpose. I think that my ritual, painting, provides me with a purpose. When I’m not painting I get restless.

Like the 19th century realists, I paint the working class. Like the surrealist, I mix and match symbols. Like the Impressionist, I paint the docks and luncheons in the grass. I’m a realist, I paint reality, I paint what I see. I paint the intricate layers of human interaction, statements, re-creations of time, emotional truths, and sometimes these truths only exist ideologically.

 Guilds and Galleries

Oil Painters of America Membership

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portrait society of america


  • 2012-2016 Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO


  • 2016 “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog”, NEXT gallery, Denver CO
  • 2016 “Project Worthmore”, New Market Events Center, Denver CO
  • 2016 “Wide Open Whatever”, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2016 “IceBreaker 7”, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver CO
  • 2016 “FarSide Awakens”, The Armoury, Denver CO
  • 2015 Deck the DPAC – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO
  • 2015 “CVA Portfolio Show” – Center for Visual Arts, Denver CO
  • 2015 “Portraits of Frequency”, Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver, CO
  • 2015 “Project Worthmore”, Aurora Arts Center, Aurora, CO
  • 2015 “Birdseed 100 on 100 Show”, Love Gallery, Denver CO
  • 2015 “VFW Post 1”, 841 S. Santa Fe, Denver CO
  • 2015 “Salon Des Refuses” – Metro State, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Deck the DPAC” – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Done Four” – Metro State, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Grande Petite”, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Anything Goes”, Art Core, Pueblo CO
  • 2014 “The Painting Show” – Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “Valentine” Denver Art Society, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “Birdseed 100 on 100 Show”, Guerilla Garden Studios, Denver CO
  • 2013 “Project Worthmore”, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “La ChitiGaleria De Tu Novia Abuela”, La Paz, Bolivia
  • 2012 “RawNerve”, Casselmanns Bar and Venue, Denver, CO.
  • 2012 “RawAwards”, Casselmanns Bar and Venue, Denver, CO
  • 2012 “Drawing 4 Portfolio Show”, Center for Visual Arts, Denver CO
  • 2012 “Mixed Media Open”, Juried Show, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2012 “Ut Pictura Poesis: An Open Art and Poetry Exhibition”, Buxiejo Gallery, Denver, CO

Publications, Press, Podcasts

  • “Cedric Chambers”, Podcast in the TomandSteveShow by Tom and Steve, April 23, 2017.
  • “#9 Cedric Chambers (Oil Painter)”, Podcast in Matturday by Matthew Squaire, March 6, 2017.
  • “Contemporary Portraiture at the Art GAllery at the DPAC”, article written in Metrosphere by Carlos Escamilla, September 8, 2015.
  • “25 Most Offensive Paintings Ever Created”, article written in List 25, May 27, 2014.
  • “Jesus Darth Vader Painting By Cedric Chambers Selling On eBay”, article written in the Huffington Post by David Moye, November 8, 2013.