What tips do you have for aspiring artists?


  • Always use spell check.


  • Volunteer for organizations because you care about their mission.


  • Remember this quote “Professionals have professional habits”.


  • Remember this quote too “Paint with Paint”.


  • Avoid politically correct people.


  • Never explain yourself.


  • If you create something that requires to explain yourself, now or later, then you probably shouldn’t do it.


  • Buy a book on figure drawing – it’s the only book you’ll ever need.


  • Find a medium that you enjoy, and keep with it until you’ve mastered it.


  • Do a lot of mentorships, internships, and residencies under different masters, they will teach you the most.


  • Always carry a camera with you and take tons of pictures. This will help you develop an eye for composition and teach you how to remove clutter from your life.


  • If you’re a painter, do your under paintings in an “alla prima” fashion and use a limited palette. This simplifies your process so you can focus on the things that matter most, like composition and form. I like to use the Zorn palette for under paintings.


  • Paint what you’re passionate about.


  • When you’re no longer “in the mood” stop painting.


  • Do your best to work from life.


  • Only copy to learn, your style will develop all on its own.


  • Play Chess.


  • Youtube your questions.


  • Be in the middle of a book.


  • Try to avoid television except documentaries.



  • Take a business course.


  • Things that are too good to be true, generally are.


  • Only paint studies.


  • Learn to cook, there are simple recipes online.


  • Creative people need more sleep, so get plenty.


  • Go on walks, they help you think.


  • Plants are a great way to develop compassion, so get some living potted plants and take care of them. Orchids and Bonsai make excellent house plants.


  • Never stop learning.


  • Visit Museums often.


  • Stay in touch with your parents even if you don’t get along.


  • Listen to Classical music. If you are unable to appreciate it at least as much as contemporary music, then you probably lack the sensitivity to develop into an artist of any real depth. I often compare EDM by musicians like Dead Maus 5 to compositions by Bach.

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Dan Eames

Thanks, invaluable to see listed in one place.