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I’m a Bolivian American oil painter who was born in Denver on June 16, 1990. My father named me Cedric so I would not be burdened with picking a pseudonym. Those who know me best describe me as a sparkling cunning artist with a penchant for gummy bears.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in 2016 from Metro State University of Denver, where I learned a lot about art history and art theory. I learned the most about painting through my various apprenticeships and private lessons with master painters such as Felicia Forte, who thought me through online lessons via Skype.

I’ve sold hundreds of paintings and I’ve shipped artwork to nearly every continent. I’m a member of The Intemembersnal Guild of Realism, a meta-modern guild whose global mission since its founding is to “recognize the best realists working today”.

I also own a rescued greyhound named Coco whom I might put up for adoption if she pisses in my car again.

Artist Statement

Painting Never Died by Cedric Chambers

Art is a cultural reaction to the change in function.[1] Art was never something that had an endpoint, and any critic who says otherwise is wrong. Saying everything has been painted is like saying that every song has been written. Saying that Abstract Art is the epitome of painting, is like saying that Disco is the epitome of music. Culture is a force like the Invisible Hand. As technology progresses, culture progresses too. Street Art emerged as a reaction to institutional art.[2] Stuckism emerged as a reaction to conceptual art.[3] The author is only as important as the actor, as the physical embodiment of the Spirit of the Age (German: Zeitgeist). The Zeitgeist is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time.[15][16] Banksy embodies the zeitgeist of today’s consumer society, while also embodying the innovation of spray paint.

This is the authentic nature of art: to express the historical significance of any given time period, to visually display ideological shifts and to demonstrate the innovations of said era. It’s not something that is dictated by a particular person or group of people. It emerges almost inexplicably, by the application and use of what people find around them; it’s created by the environment, by the ideologies of the era, by wars, by ideas, by technological developments. Sir Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both invented derivative calculus entirely separate of each other, at exactly the same time.[4] Without the camera there could not be photography, without feminism there could not be feminist art. Art exists as the objectification of culture itself. Often it’s simplified, limited by the materials it employs. In this way, painting never died.


[1] Dean, Tim. “Art as Symptom: Žižek and the Ethics of Psychoanalytic Criticism.” Diacritics 2, no. 32 (2002): 21-41.

[2] “Neo-graffiti” is a term coined by Tokion Magazine in the title of its Neo-Graffiti Project 2000, which featured “classic” subway graffiti artists working in new media; others have called this phenomenon “urban art.” A discussion by the Wooster Collective on terminology can be found at

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Oil Painters of America Membership

international guild of realism

portrait society of america


  • 2012-2016 Metropolitan State University, Denver, CO
  • October 2016 – Private Tutoring with Felicia Forte


  • 2017 “Dog and Pony Show”, CORE New Art Space, Denver CO – Juried by Doug Kacena
  • 2017 “This is not a Duck”, Solo show, NEXT gallery, Denver CO
  • 2017 “The Climate show”, NEXT gallery, Denver CO
  • 2016 “Political Group show”, NEXT gallery Denver CO
  • 2016 “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Dog”, Solo show, NEXT gallery, Denver CO
  • 2016 “Project Worthmore”, New Market Events Center, Denver CO
  • 2016 “Wide Open Whatever”, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2016 “IceBreaker 7”, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver CO – Juried by Ivar Ziele
  • 2016 “FarSide Awakens”, The Armoury, Denver CO
  • 2015 “Deck the DPAC” – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO
  • 2015 “CVA Portfolio Show” – Center for Visual Arts, Denver CO
  • 2015 “Portraits of Frequency”, Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver, CO
  • 2015 “Project Worthmore”, Aurora Arts Center, Aurora, CO
  • 2015 “Birdseed 100 on 100 Show”, Love Gallery, Denver CO
  • 2015 “VFW Post 1”, 841 S. Santa Fe, Denver CO
  • 2015 “Salon Des Refuses” – Metro State, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Deck the DPAC” – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Done Four” – Metro State, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Grande Petite”, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2014 “Anything Goes”, Art Core, Pueblo CO
  • 2014 “The Painting Show” – Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “Valentine” Denver Art Society, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “Birdseed 100 on 100 Show”, Guerilla Garden Studios, Denver CO
  • 2013 “Project Worthmore”, Core New Art Space, Denver, CO
  • 2013 “La ChitiGaleria De Tu Novia Abuela”, La Paz, Bolivia
  • 2012 “RawNerve”, Casselmanns Bar and Venue, Denver, CO.
  • 2012 “RawAwards”, Casselmanns Bar and Venue, Denver, CO
  • 2012 “Drawing 4 Portfolio Show”, Center for Visual Arts, Denver CO
  • 2012 “Mixed Media Open”, Juried Show, Core New Art Space, Denver CO
  • 2012 “Ut Pictura Poesis: An Open Art and Poetry Exhibition”, Buxiejo Gallery, Denver, CO

Publications, Press, Podcasts

  • “Cedric Chambers”, Podcast in the TomandSteveShow by Tom and Steve, April 23, 2017.
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