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I am a figurative oil painter who admires Eastern-European painters and philosophers. I am part Ayamaran (Bolivian) and I think the force behind the paintings is my connection to the violent torrents of nature in the South American rain forest. I have been influenced by a wide spectrum of painters from Da Vinci to Daniel Sprick as well as by John Ashbery and the New York School of Poets. I have also been influenced by elements of the foreign cinema.

Modern artists use the theories of color as a way to express emotional harmony. In 1938 Alphonse Laurencic developed a series of cells modeled after Kandinsky which configured modern art as a torture technique. Colors can either be torturous or attractive. I do not paint reality; reality is what I see at the moment I conceive the painting.

Art is the epitome of ideas, it serves no utilitarian purpose. Art is a blind man’s profession. We do not paint what we see, we paint what we feel. What matters to me is the viewers and their relationship to the work, not the medium, the form, or the aesthetic. Each painting starts with an idea, or a puzzle on a napkin or a scrap of graph paper; and ends up a spectacular splash of color.

I paint like literature: with an element of self-reflection, self-loathing, and (hopefully) self- redemption. I would like to paint like Frank O’Hara wrote about NOT painting. If you feel nothing when I paint, I have failed. Vomiting is a feeling.