Q. What are you wearing?

A. That’s a little forward. That’s me in the photo below posing in front of Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

Edward Munch's the Scream

Q. What is your mission?

A. My goal is to create artwork that expresses complex ideas, with a subtle layer of comedy.


Q. How is shipping handled?

A. Original artwork is floated inside custom packaging materials. Prints are shipped flat. Please read the shipping policies page for more info.


Q. Where can I see your resume and read your bio?

A. Visit the about page.


Q. In what context would your work best be viewed? Why?

A. In person because photographs don’t do it justice.


Q. Are there any “signature” or repeating elements in your work?

A. Reflections.


Q. What are your interests and/or obsessions?

A. I’m obsessed with my dog Coco, she’s definitely a repeating subject in my artwork. Painting itself is an obsession but not in a bad way.


Q. Is your work narrative?

A. I would say that my work can be narrative, I rely on iconography quite a bit. I wouldn’t say that it’s inherently narrative.


Q. Is your work autobiographical?

A. I believe that all art is autobiographical in some way. I’m largely influenced by my environment, everyday conversations, and the people I surround myself with.


Q. Does your artwork attempt to make a statement or comment on the world around you? How?

A. I am inspired by my environment. I try to offer a synthesis between juxtaposed ideas – leaving the artwork free to interpretation.


Q. Are you interested in making art that possesses beauty? What is beautiful to you? What does using beauty in your work do?

A. I use form, color, and composition to paint things that may or may not be beautiful. I believe that beauty is best expressed through passion. In short, yes, I want to create things that are beautiful.


Q. Are you interested in depicting the grotesque?  What is grotesque to you?  What does using the grotesque in your work do?

A. I love to question the idea of beauty so from time to time I study the grotesque, I believe that anything can be beautiful. Also, the best art was considered grotesque when it first arrived on the art scene, like Michel-Angelo or Leonardo Da Vinci’s artwork. There are a whole lot of artists whom painted grotesque things many of which are household names now.


Q.What kind of reaction do you want viewers to have towards your work?  What do you hope they will experience, see, feel, walk away with?

A. I want people to love my artwork, I want them to leave inspired. Whenever I see a really good art exhibit, I leave motivated and inspired. I want people to feel that when they see my artwork.


Q. Is your work social? How? Is your work political? In what way?

A. My work is not always political, but it can be. The best example would be my painting, “The Prophets”. The painting was a reproduction of Caravaggio’s “The Entombment”. This work was deemed by the Huffington post as “The Most Offensive Painting Ever?”.


Q. If you could speak to the world, what would you say?  Why?

A. Desire causes suffering. I would say this because it’s important to know what happiness is and how to achieve it.


Q. Is investigation an aspect of your creative process? How is this connected to meaning in your work?

A. I investigate every piece of my work, the artistic choices that I make are dependent on what I learn about subject while researching it.


Q. Is intuition an aspect of your creative process?  How is this connected to meaning in your work?

A. When I create a surreal piece of art, the artistic choices that I make are purely based off of intuition.


Q. Are there popular elements or dichotomies in your work? – love/hate, private/public, micro/macro, inner/outer, etc.

A. Dichotomy is a consistent theme in my work. I love contrasting every part of the composition, including ideas.


Q. What tips do you have for aspiring artists?


  • Always use spell check.


  • Volunteer for organizations because you care about their mission, not because it somehow benefits you.


  • Remember this quote “Professionals have professional habits”.


  • Remember this quote too “Paint with Paint”.


  • Avoid politically correct people.


  • Never explain yourself, people who ask you to do so likely lack empathy and understanding.


  • If you create something that requires to explain yourself, now or later, then you probably shouldn’t do it.


  • You can’t say that you can draw unless you can draw a person realistically, so practice. Buy a book on figure drawing it’s the only book you’ll ever need.


  • Find a medium that you enjoy, and keep with it until you’ve mastered it.


  • Do a lot of mentorships, internships, and residencies under different masters, they will teach you the most.


  • Always carry a camera with you and take tons of pictures. This will help you develop an eye for composition and teach you how to remove clutter from your life.


  • Do your under paintings in an “alla prima” fashion, and use a limited palette. This simplifies your process so you can focus on the things that matter most, like composition and form.


  • Only paint what you’re passionate about.


  • When you’re no longer “in the mood” stop painting.


  • Work from life.


  • Only copy to learn, your style will develop all on its own.


  • Play Chess.


  • Youtube your questions.


  • Always be in the middle of a book.


  • Avoid television except documentaries.



  • Take a business course.


  • Things that are too good to be true, generally are.


  • Only paint studies.


  • Learn to cook, there are simple recipes online.


  • Creative people need more sleep, so get plenty.


  • Go on walks, this helps you think.


  • Plants are a great way to develop compassion, so get some living potted plants and take care of them. Orchids and Bonsai make excellent house plants.


  • Never stop learning.


  • Visit Museums often.


  • Stay in touch with your parents even if you don’t get along.


  • Listen to Classical music. If you are unable to appreciate it at least as much as contemporary music, then you lack the sensitivity to develop into an artist of any real depth. I often compare EDM by musicians like “Dead Maus 5” to compositions by “Bach”.

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