Cedric Chambers
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. Scott Adams

About Denver Artist Cedric Chambers

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Cedric Chambers was born on June 16, 1990 he lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He is a professional photographer and a prolific painter. Chambers primarily paints with oil paint and draws inspiration from his environment. His portfolio includes over 200 paintings in styles from photo realism to abstract expressionism.[1] His father gave him the name Cedric so he wouldn’t have to pick a pseudonym. His grandfather was a concert violinist who played a stradivarius. His mother is a Bolivian fashion designer who let him participate in hispanic cultural festivals and parades.

Chambers is inspired by the famous feminist art critic Linda Nochlin. She argues that in order to master painting one has to first master painting the human figure.[2] During High School Chambers focused on painting a series of paintings of Communist leaders contrasted in Angelic poses. At 16 Cedric was the youngest member of the Ken Caryl Art Guild and won his High school’s “Trite” contest with a portrait of Mao Zedong. By 2007 Chambers was regularly selling his artwork on eBay with the occasional international buyer. In 2008 Cedric enrolled in Colorado State University to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.

Chambers spent the majority of his free time in college painting and reading the psychoanalytic literature by Slavovj Zizek. It was during this period that Cedric was exposed to his first viral painting. In 2010 Chambers created a mixed media painting called “The Subconscious Wish” which was featured on DIEHIPSTER.com.

During College Chambers regularly set up photo shoots with his emotionally abusive ex-girlfriend in their studio apartment. These photos became the basis for the Anemos Dream Series. One of the photo’s was featured in the back of the February 2010 issue of 303 magazine. After getting out of this toxic relationship in the summer of 2012, Chambers dropped out of college and quit his day job. That fall Chambers freehanded the entire Anemos Dream Series. In 2013 Chambers starting donating paintings to a charity which works with Burmese Refugees called “Project Worthmore“. That Spring Chambers had his first solo show at the Denver Art Society. That winter Chambers was featured in the Huffington Post for the “most offensive painting ever”.[3] During the following months he was featured in List 25[4] and had an interview with FilterFreeAmerika[5]. 

In 2014, Chambers was hired as a consultant for the Nobel Peace Prize Nominated One Billion Acts of Peace Campaign. That same year he enrolled in Metro State University’s BFA program. Chambers started focusing on photorealism and continues to have art shows throughout the Denver Metro Area. He believes that art is a cultural narrative that should express what can be found in life.  

Modernism critiques the technique of art, and postmodernism critiques both the technique and ideologies of art.[6] Chambers believes that the postmodern critique on Abstract Expressionism is Photo-realism and that Greenberg is wrong, painting never died. Chambers also agrees with Donald Kuspit. ‘Kuspit argues that art is over because it has lost its aesthetic import. Art has been replaced by “postart” as a new visual category that elevates the banal over the enigmatic, the scatological over the sacred, cleverness over creativity. Kuspit argues that the devaluation is inseparable from the entropic character of modern art, and that anti-aesthetic postmodern art is in its final state. In contrast to modern art, which expressed the universal human unconscious, postmodern art degenerates into an expression of narrow ideological interests. In reaction to the emptiness and stagnancy of postart, Kuspit signals the aesthetic and human future that lies with the old masters.’[7] 

You may have seen my work at these places

  •    “IceBreaker 7”, Ice Cube Gallery, Denver CO. – January 8, 2016
  •    “FarSide Awakens”, The Armoury, Denver CO. – January 8, 2016
  •      Deck the DPAC – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO. – December 13, 2015
  •    “Portraits of Frequency”, Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver, CO. – July 27, 2015
  •    “Pancakes and Booze Art Show” – City Hall, Denver, CO. – March 2015
  •    “Project Worthmore”, Aurora Arts Center, Aurora CO. – March 2015
  •    “Birdseed 100 on 100 Show”, Love Gallery, Denver CO. – March 2015
  •      VFW Post 1 – 841 S. Santa Fe, Denver CO. – March 2015
  •      VFW Post 1 – 841 S. Santa Fe, Denver CO. – February 2015
  •    “Salon Des Refuses” – Metro State, Denver CO. – February 2015
  •   “Deck the DPAC” – Art Gallery at the DPAC, Denver CO. – December 2014
  •   “Done Four” – Metro State, Denver CO. – December 2014
  •   “Grande Petite” – Core New Art Space, Denver CO. – November 2014
  •   “Anything Goes” – Art Core, Pueblo CO. – October 2014
  •   “The Painting Show” – Core New Art Space, Denver, CO. – September 2014
  •   “Pancakes and Booze Art Show” – City Hall, Denver, CO. – December 2014
  •      Dual Show with Becky D’arcey; Denver Art Society, January 2013
  •      Valentines Show; Denver Art Society, February 2013
  •    “Green”; co-op show Denver Art Society, March 2013
  •    “Pancakes and Booze Art Show” – City Hall, Denver, CO. – February 2013
  •      100 on 100; March 2013
  •   “Project Worthmore” – 15th and Yosemite, Denver, CO. – November 2013  
  •    “La ChitiGaleria De Tu Novia Abuela”, La Paz, Bolivia – 2012-2013
  •      RawNerve at the Casselmanns Bar and Venue: November 2012.
  •      RawAwards, at Casselmanns Bar and Venue: on November 2012.
  •      Drawing 4 show – Center for Visual Arts – November 2012
  •    “Mixed Media Open”, Juried Show, The Core New Art Space, Denver CO. – July 2012.
  •    “Ut Pictura Poesis: An Open Art and Poetry Exhibition”, Buxiejo Gallery, on October 2012.
  •      Halloween; Denver Art Society, October 2012
  •      Project Worthmore: November 2012
  •    “Pancakes and Booze Art Show” – City Hall, Denver, CO. – November 2012
  •      Thanksgiving; Denver Art Society, November 2012
  •      CVA Portfolio Show, Center for Visual Arts, November 2012

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